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Make Your Nomination By October 1, 2024!


  • An individual must demonstrate at least twenty (20) years of successful activity in for-profit business endeavor(s) located in Erie County at a senior “C” suite or ownership level.
  • The candidate must demonstrate that in their career they have helped to make significant advancements for their company and their respective profession.
  • The candidate must still list their principal residence as being in Erie County.
  • The candidate did not have to attend school in Erie County.
  • The candidate can be retired but ideally is still engaged in some fashion actively in the business community in Erie County; posthumous nominations may be considered.
  • Experiences in all industries and professions are eligible for the award.
  • Additional information about a candidate’s community activities where the candidate has been engaged will enhance a candidate’s profile but is not required to receive the award.
  • At least two business colleagues familiar with a candidate’s full career are required for nomination but up to five sponsors can be attached to the application.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Please provide a typed narrative, relating the accomplishments of your nominee, that would justify his/her selection into the Business Hall of Fame. Please attach your narrative to this form.


You can download the Nomination Form as a PDF file, fill it out and return it to the Erie County Chamber of Commerce.